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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ATTENTION POSTERS: We have moved! We all know that you hate change (I only need to note the fact that we're obsessed with music that peaked 20 years ago) but this is definitely change for the better. The new digs we're in are packed with videos, pictures (not of me yet, I can't find a camera that won't shatter when it captures my image), and music. It's kinda like youtube, only better. We want to bring you all with us. Like I said in a post awhile back, we were just jabbering amongst ourselves for a long time on the music that we loved. Now we have some friends and we don't want to lose them. Follow the link, it's simple. Goodbye ancient blogger, hello cool social network.

See you on the other side posters!!
This is our first post to feature this band and I'll give myself 40 lashes for that tonight. I was cruising metaldom late last night looking for songs for the MP3 player and out of boredom and frustration (I can think of a million songs before I actually get in front of the computer, then I go blank) I keyed in KIX. I wasn't a huge fan in the eighties, but I'll tell you from the songs I got last night that was totally my fault. I just downloaded the staples--Don't Close Your Eyes and Blow My Fuse--and they ROCK! I had forgotten, I guess. I'm calling on my posters here. I have a block of memory reserved for the boys from KIX so give me your picks (aside from the two mentioned) of what I should have. The ESSENTIAL Kix, if you will. Make sure you tune in tomorrow, I'll have an obscure one from Winger that I forgot about too. It's a good'un. G'day friends, Romans, and fellow Metalheads!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rebellion is the name of our game today on the Tuesday Which Song Rocked Harder edition. I liked these videos back in the day because they had long haired rockers dissing the public school system and throwing teachers in pools and disturbing the high school peace with general metal mayhem and madness. I would have liked to have done all of these things but I would have been grounded for several thousands of weeks and my old man would have thrown me under a greyhound bus. We needed bands like the Crue and Twisted Sister to help keep our minds churning in fantasy, and they did the job very well. This week's WSRH features Smokin' In The Boys Room by Motley Crue (our high schools had smoking areas, so this wasn't a necessity for us...ahhh the good 'ol days) vs We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister. I have a final exam tonight (one of my last) and I think when I'm done I'm going to walk to the bathroom at the end of the hall with my pack of Camel lights and fire up. Screw any NARC who tries to tell my mom...Rock on metalheads.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Steve's just gonna love this. I was cruising the metal world today looking for news to elate us, enrage us, disgust us, enlighten us, dissapoint us, or confuse us. This one is more of a dissapoint us type of tidbit and here it is. James Hetfield, the growling prowling menacing screaming face of speed metal from my youth was seen hanging outside of the Dalai Lama's recent seminar/speech in San Francisco. I love the Dalai. He's good for humanity and his persecution in his homeland is embarassing for the world. But let's face it here folks, no member of Metallica should be within 100 feet of this "beacon of light." What's next, Tony Iommi chills with the pope? I used to think KISS and Ozzy were at the forefront of metal sellouts, and I still do, but these guys are screaming up through the ranks. Sellout is a term used to much, I'll be the first to admit. Whenever someone in metal makes a song or album we don't like, becomes a headline act, sells some records, or makes a commercial we feel like they have sold out. I like Ozzy's recent music, I really do. I think in his heart he's still a rocker but he's just to old (and feeble--remember we're honest on this blog) to care about the commercials, TV shows, makeup, dolls, pajamas, and whatever the hell else Sharon can dream up to fight it anymore. That's bad news for us Oz. The true fans never needed that crap and we don't now, even if the music has slipped a little. KISS is onstage now for money, and that's it. I can understand that. If someone paid me millions to dress up in makeup, play rock and roll, and sleep with assorted hotties I would probably sign up for that. But Gene acts like he doesn't CARE when the true loyal fans want them to make a new record, reform the old lineup, or play like theyr'e not just doing a walk through. Just act a LITTLE embarassed about the whole mess Gene and I'll start to forgive you a little. We're not going to get religious or political on this blog I promise you. We're friends from different places and we have TOTALLY different opinions on those two subjects so it's stupid to debate it. But I will tell you, James Hetfield chilling with the Dalai Lama, Ozzy on Regis, and KISS everywhere is really starting to piss me off. They've earned the right I guess, I just wish we could go back to the day when these bands weren't so damn socially acceptable. It's part of the reason I liked them.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I gave in to my buddy Jeremy and agreed with him to go to Type O Negative here in Charlotte on Saturday night. I know we discussed them several posts ago as a new band we kinda like. I thought they were new, but I believe Metal Mark (not quite sure) informed me they rose from the ashes from a band called carnivore. I don't know how to explain them, but a mix between Pink Floyd and Pantera would probably be the most accurate. Before I go, I did come across something interesting while checking out some KISS stuff. Did you know that Ace Frehley used to be in a NYC street gand with Mr. Blackie Lawless? The name of the gang...I hesitate to write this because you may never hear WASP the same way after......was the Duckies! The Duckies?. That's just great stuff metalheads. Enjoy your Sunday. I'll see you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Obscure Metal Track Of the Week. We look for needles in haystacks, pearls in oysters, and honest people in government. We know they are rare, but they're worth it when you find them. This week's OMSOTW is one of my faves. It's Rocket Queen by GNR. I always thought this was the very best on the record, and was surprised they didn't release it (I guess instead opting for the INCREDIBLY nauseating Paradise City) and make a video. The lyrics and music are great, but the best part is the total change of pace at the end where intead of making the whole song a chauvinist smut rant, Axl shows his lighter side. It's good stuff. I remember Joe and I used to think he was saying he always wanted his partner to always know he was gay, but upon further review he was letting that person know he would always be there. I'll bet the people in the audience of shows he cancelled wished he was talking to them. Enjoy your Sat. Metalheads.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I have long been praising this as one of the hidden gems in 80's metaldom, but just in case you don't believe me check it out for thyself. Go grab Megadeth's Peace Sells album and listen to side two. Those songs crunch so hard it'll make your jaw hurt. I used to say Metallica 9 out of 10 every time in the Met/Meg debate but nowadays I'm not so sure. I think the boys from Deth played the dark spoiler to Metallica's more commercial full blown success very, very well. Dave is a prick from most accounts, but there is metal in that fucker's blood to be sure. Cups raised this Friday night to Megadeth's B sides, back cuts, unreleased stuff and flashes of brilliance. I think I might be only one of a handful of people who bought So Far So Good So What (and possibly the ONLY one who liked it) but give that one a chance too. It deserves it. Gnight metalheads.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Album O' The Week time once again. My friends and I were just talking about what a strong 1986 summer album 5150 was, but we've already featured it on AOTW. I'm going to go with Slide It In by Whitesnake. I heard Slow and Easy the other day on the radio and that triggered today's AOTW. Good ones here, especially the ones that get real nasty and bluesy....unlike my women who get real nasty and woozy. Pump your fist to some good ol Whitesnake, it's our Album O' The Week.

editor's note: A special shout out this post goes to people that have never met us but take the time to indulge our metal craziness. We try to make our blog as sexist and blatantly male pig headed as possible (much like a sweaty growling David Coverdale), but this girl Allyson just keeps coming back. Allyson loves her some metal and we love her right back. Mark, Andre, Rob, Robert, Bill and Mike are top notch gents who we can't wait to meet. Mark and Rob, if our site/blog ever gets to the level that you guys have achieved, we'll be very proud. It's been over a year for us and we were just talking to ourselves for a LONG time. We're glad to have you on board and when we become rich and famous you're ALL coming with us!! Gday Metalheads