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Monday, April 30, 2007

Steve's just gonna love this. I was cruising the metal world today looking for news to elate us, enrage us, disgust us, enlighten us, dissapoint us, or confuse us. This one is more of a dissapoint us type of tidbit and here it is. James Hetfield, the growling prowling menacing screaming face of speed metal from my youth was seen hanging outside of the Dalai Lama's recent seminar/speech in San Francisco. I love the Dalai. He's good for humanity and his persecution in his homeland is embarassing for the world. But let's face it here folks, no member of Metallica should be within 100 feet of this "beacon of light." What's next, Tony Iommi chills with the pope? I used to think KISS and Ozzy were at the forefront of metal sellouts, and I still do, but these guys are screaming up through the ranks. Sellout is a term used to much, I'll be the first to admit. Whenever someone in metal makes a song or album we don't like, becomes a headline act, sells some records, or makes a commercial we feel like they have sold out. I like Ozzy's recent music, I really do. I think in his heart he's still a rocker but he's just to old (and feeble--remember we're honest on this blog) to care about the commercials, TV shows, makeup, dolls, pajamas, and whatever the hell else Sharon can dream up to fight it anymore. That's bad news for us Oz. The true fans never needed that crap and we don't now, even if the music has slipped a little. KISS is onstage now for money, and that's it. I can understand that. If someone paid me millions to dress up in makeup, play rock and roll, and sleep with assorted hotties I would probably sign up for that. But Gene acts like he doesn't CARE when the true loyal fans want them to make a new record, reform the old lineup, or play like theyr'e not just doing a walk through. Just act a LITTLE embarassed about the whole mess Gene and I'll start to forgive you a little. We're not going to get religious or political on this blog I promise you. We're friends from different places and we have TOTALLY different opinions on those two subjects so it's stupid to debate it. But I will tell you, James Hetfield chilling with the Dalai Lama, Ozzy on Regis, and KISS everywhere is really starting to piss me off. They've earned the right I guess, I just wish we could go back to the day when these bands weren't so damn socially acceptable. It's part of the reason I liked them.


Blogger Metal Mark said...

Unfortunately music is business. we fans have our agenda of what we want from out band. Yet ultimately it's the band's agenda that will take priority. Too many guys like Ozzy and Gene relaize "Hey, I am getting old. I need to plan for my retirement" and musical integrity goes down the toilet.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Andre du Plessis said...


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