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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ATTENTION POSTERS: We have moved! We all know that you hate change (I only need to note the fact that we're obsessed with music that peaked 20 years ago) but this is definitely change for the better. The new digs we're in are packed with videos, pictures (not of me yet, I can't find a camera that won't shatter when it captures my image), and music. It's kinda like youtube, only better. We want to bring you all with us. Like I said in a post awhile back, we were just jabbering amongst ourselves for a long time on the music that we loved. Now we have some friends and we don't want to lose them. Follow the link, it's simple. Goodbye ancient blogger, hello cool social network.

See you on the other side posters!!


Blogger Allyson said...

Ok then, I'll update the link on my site to your new site.


1:10 PM  
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